What is the best payback against cheating

Moj muž me ostavio za drugu ženu nakon 26 godina i to je učinio putem SMS-a. Rekao je svima da me paze jer sam lud. Također me je poslužio papirima za razvod koji su me optuživali za uobičajeno okrutno i nečovječno postupanje i tražio puno starateljstvo nad našom kćeri… lol. On je tako želio da […]

Chicken and Shallots in Red Wine Vinegar

8 Freestyle Points 353.5 Calories I lightened up this popular French chicken dish known as Poulet Au Vinaigre, which is made with chicken thighs and shallots cooked in red wine vinegar and white white. Red wine vinegar gives it an intense, tangy flavor, that mellows as it simmers. Shallots are similar to onions, and are […]

Slow Cooker Meatballs

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would turn their nose up to some good ol’ homemade meatballs (unless they’re a vegetarian, of course!). We LOVE meatballs at my house, including everything from Moroccan style to Swedish to Italian (below). And my favorite part about this meatball recipe is that, in addition to […]

Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan | Skinnytaste

4 Freestyle Points 248 Calories This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it’s made in the Instant Pot, it’s ready in minutes! Don’t get me wrong, my family LOVES my Baked Chicken Parmesan recipe, so I was skeptical. No breading, no frying – sign me up! And […]

Cauliflower & Pomegranate Salad with a Yogurt Dressing

I’ve got a super tasty recipe that will switch things up for you in the salad department. I really need to keep our salads interesting to ensure I enjoy them enough to eat, so I’m excited about this new combo—cauliflower and pomegranate! I served it with homemade chicken nuggets, some of which ended up just […]